Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terror in the Trees

So we all know I am the proud owner of 2 ridiculously small dogs. Lulu is 4 lbs & and Lily is 15 lbs. (The 15 pounder is a story for another post).

I took the dogs out for their evening romp in the yard. I was enjoying the weather and saw something in the yard. I sauntered over and ew, sick. It was a dead rabbit. It was missing body parts. Well my hunting dogs were oblivious to the animals so I hustled them inside to wait for the Mr. to come home and take care of this issue.

He comes home, and I tell him about our dog's stellar hunting skills and if he could please dispose of the animal. I thought he ran it over with the lawn mower. Well, apparently not. There was a HUGE hawk in the yard back for it's prey. Holy crap!

The Mr. got the hawk out of there and I didn't ask details on the rabbit but it's out of the yard. We have since been having hawk drills with the dogs. We caw at the dogs and they hide under large objects. I am fully aware this is not normal but we're trying to be prepared.

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