Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Mr. and I are headed to Wicked tomorrow night. I can't wait! We bought a theatre package about a year ago to get all of the Broadway shows that mosey over to our neck of the woods. It's been great! We've seen: Beatlemania, Spam-a-lot, Legally Blonde, Mamma Mia (tickets were given to my mom) and our crowning jewel-Wicked. I feel very fancy going to the theatre.

The Mr. is less than impressed. Not that he hates Glenda or anything. It just so happens that DMB and is playing at Principal Park and He loves him some DMB. I think it harkens him back to his college days, and binge drinking or whatever.

This weekend has also been appointed "Fall Cleaning Weekend." You're excited right? I We will be a busting a move washing curtains, organizing, cleaning out closets and finishing up some projects.

If you're lucky I might just show you my newest Craig's List jem.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a Dog's Life

This weekend was Lulu and Lily's 3rd birthday. Yes, we are those people who celebrate pet birthdays. Yes, we know it's weird. In previous years we've just bought them a cake from the dog bakery and called it a day.

Not this year. We have been wanting to get our families together all summer and this seemed like a great weekend, so why not throw in a dog party? So the invites went out. We had quite the turnout. The dogs got tons of treats, a cake and lots of accessories (oh, the joys of small dogs).
Below are the pictures from the day, because clearly, I have no shame.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come and Knock on My Door

I mentioned in my last post that I decided to paint our front door black. I got my inspiration from Thrifty Decor Chick (cause I'm all about using other people's talent). On Sunday I took my Gaucho wearing self to the fancy paint store to buy my paint, my primer (a step I usually skip) and a foam roller (seriously, these are the bomb!).

Instead of giving you the play by play I'll let the photos do the talking. I was nervous at first, I mean a black door? That's intense but it looks great with the brick and I love it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rekindle the Flame

I had forgotten how much I loved Gauchos, and well, how much the Mr. hates them. I had a few pairs from a couple of years ago and I busted out my black pair for the trip to the paint store this weekend. Nothing like sweatpants disguised as a presentable pant for the weekly trip for home improvement supplies.

Just a glorious as I remember them. Unfortunately, the Mr. is still not convinced.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Last Frontier

We have finally conquered our front yard. It was the remaining project that had to be done before we put this baby on the market in about six months-so sad.

It was quite the eye sore. Sagging steps, a crooked path that was perilous in the winter and well, general ugliness. We had the concrete contractors pour our beautiful new steps and new pathway. The pictures don't do it justice people! There are beautiful little swirlys in the majority of the walkway and the edges are smooth. Who knew contractors were such artists?

Please excuse the no handrails and dirt front yard, oh and the caution tape.
I was so excited I need pictures the minute it was done! Please imagine beautiful black iron handrails, potted plants and a green lawn.

PS- I have convinced the Mr. to let me paint the front door black. But that project is for another post.

Ugliness abounds. Look at the treacherous sidewalk...


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Terror in the Trees

So we all know I am the proud owner of 2 ridiculously small dogs. Lulu is 4 lbs & and Lily is 15 lbs. (The 15 pounder is a story for another post).

I took the dogs out for their evening romp in the yard. I was enjoying the weather and saw something in the yard. I sauntered over and ew, sick. It was a dead rabbit. It was missing body parts. Well my hunting dogs were oblivious to the animals so I hustled them inside to wait for the Mr. to come home and take care of this issue.

He comes home, and I tell him about our dog's stellar hunting skills and if he could please dispose of the animal. I thought he ran it over with the lawn mower. Well, apparently not. There was a HUGE hawk in the yard back for it's prey. Holy crap!

The Mr. got the hawk out of there and I didn't ask details on the rabbit but it's out of the yard. We have since been having hawk drills with the dogs. We caw at the dogs and they hide under large objects. I am fully aware this is not normal but we're trying to be prepared.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cutting the Cord...

Err... cable that is. The Mr. and I have finally done it. We cancelled the cable and internet. Don't jump on the "they're crazy bandwagon yet." We're trying to cut expense to save for next year's adventure in moving to a new city and starting grad school.

The Mr. is obsessed with Dave Ramsey. I'm coming around. I like the part of organizing the budget and all that stuff. I just don't like the not spending money part.

We have whittled our expenses down but our "home entertainment budget" was ridiculous.
We paid:
$12 a month for XM radio
$125 a month for internet and cable
$26 a month for a landline phone just for TiVo.

I called XM to cancel and they gave us 3 months for free. I have an appointment in 3 months on my calendar to cancel.

I cancelled our current cable & internet. I re-signed with another company for high speed internet for $25 mo. since they are partners with our cell phone company. We can then use for our Mad Men fix.

I cancelled the land line. I will miss you TiVo. You don't even know.

I also signed up for Netflix to keep us from going crazy.

Our new budget line is $25 + $8= $33 instead of $163. Dave would be proud.