Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Last Frontier

We have finally conquered our front yard. It was the remaining project that had to be done before we put this baby on the market in about six months-so sad.

It was quite the eye sore. Sagging steps, a crooked path that was perilous in the winter and well, general ugliness. We had the concrete contractors pour our beautiful new steps and new pathway. The pictures don't do it justice people! There are beautiful little swirlys in the majority of the walkway and the edges are smooth. Who knew contractors were such artists?

Please excuse the no handrails and dirt front yard, oh and the caution tape.
I was so excited I need pictures the minute it was done! Please imagine beautiful black iron handrails, potted plants and a green lawn.

PS- I have convinced the Mr. to let me paint the front door black. But that project is for another post.

Ugliness abounds. Look at the treacherous sidewalk...


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