Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cutting the Cord...

Err... cable that is. The Mr. and I have finally done it. We cancelled the cable and internet. Don't jump on the "they're crazy bandwagon yet." We're trying to cut expense to save for next year's adventure in moving to a new city and starting grad school.

The Mr. is obsessed with Dave Ramsey. I'm coming around. I like the part of organizing the budget and all that stuff. I just don't like the not spending money part.

We have whittled our expenses down but our "home entertainment budget" was ridiculous.
We paid:
$12 a month for XM radio
$125 a month for internet and cable
$26 a month for a landline phone just for TiVo.

I called XM to cancel and they gave us 3 months for free. I have an appointment in 3 months on my calendar to cancel.

I cancelled our current cable & internet. I re-signed with another company for high speed internet for $25 mo. since they are partners with our cell phone company. We can then use hulu.com for our Mad Men fix.

I cancelled the land line. I will miss you TiVo. You don't even know.

I also signed up for Netflix to keep us from going crazy.

Our new budget line is $25 + $8= $33 instead of $163. Dave would be proud.

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